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Mighty Hearts



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Mighty Hearts Funding

The main challenge facing Mighty Hearts International is managing our time and funding while keeping up with the rapidly growing demand in Peru. The waiting list for the children’s clubs in Peru currently has over 2,000 children on it.

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Club Support

The Children’s Clubs are designed to serve many disadvantaged children in Peru by freeing them from social crisis while taking an active role in their physical and spiritual development. There are 20 clubs spread throughout Peru with roughly 25 elementary aged children in each club. These clubs are one of the greatest success stories at Mighty Hearts International!

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True Christmas

True Christmas is designed to give the poorest children in Peru a Christmas experience filled with love, laughter, presents, and the gospel message. True Christmas takes place throughout Peru during Christmas week each year. Children are entertained with singing, dancing, and skits performed by volunteers from the local churches in Callao. These volunteers take time out of their Christmas week to prepare for this massive, countrywide event. Church volunteers spend weeks organizing the presents, selecting which areas to visit, and planning the performances.

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Medical Missions

The purpose of Medical Missions is to address the lack of quality medical care available to many families in Peru. Since 2008, Mighty Hearts International has teamed with dedicated medical professionals and other missionaries to make several Medical Missions trips to Peru. During the trips doctors, nurses, and non-medical personnel all work together to ensure that they see as many patients as possible. As is the case with everything we do, our primary goal is to LOVE the children. Our teams are all taught to make the children feel welcome and special. Almost all of the children seen by the doctors come from the local Children’s Clubs and every child receives a medical check-up as well as an emotional and spiritual evaluation.

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OlimpiKids is an event that aims to bring kids from all Mighty Hearts Lima-based Children’s Clubs together to interact and build new friendships with one another. Throughout the day-long program, kids enjoy a Christian children's show as well as physical sports and biblical competitions. At the end of the competition, the first three places are awarded medals and trophies.

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Children's Tutoring Center

The Children's Tutoring Center is a program that is positively influencing the academic development of children. Many of them have improved their academic performance, earning passing and outstanding grades. Every Saturday they come to our tutoring center very excited to continue learning more about the different subjects taught in their schools. This program takes place during the school year at our Lima-based learning center on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 pm. Transportation, a healthy breakfast and lunch are included.

Mighty Hearts has a team of dedicated volunteer teachers who are part of this great work. Thanks to their efforts, our children continue to learn and excel in their schools.

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